Twisted Bee's knees


The combination of the classic Bee’s Knees cocktail and an Espresso Tonic results in this drink, which boasts an incredible balance between citrus, honey, spirits and coffee. A modern take on a timeless recipe.


Double espresso

• 3.5 cl - Honey syrup

• 5 cl - Lemon juice

• 5 cl - Gin

• Ice

• 1 indian tonic water


1. Make a double espresso by selecting the button on the S15 display

2. Mix the honey syrup, lemon juice and gin so that they are well blended and use them as a base for the cocktail

3. Fill a tall glass with ice

4. Add the tonic water to the glass, leaving 2 cm from the rim

5. Finish the drink by pouring the espresso directly over the tonic water

Recommended settings

We recommend using a single-origin coffee from Ethiopia (floral and citric notes) or a single-origin coffee from Colombia (hints of caramel and citrus fruits). If the dispensing spout is motorised, set the height of the spout so that you can directly dispense into the chosen receptacle. For example, seta “Tall Espresso” recipe with the right spout height. For a mocktail version, use 2.5 cl orange juice instead of gin.

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